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Each and every tooth in your mouth serves a unique and important function. If you endure tooth loss, a dental bridge is an excellent teeth replacement option. This device will keep every piece of your mouth working in harmony.

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What is a Dental Bridge?

Bridges connect your healthy, natural teeth to any artificial teeth that were necessitated by the loss of a tooth – bridging your smile back together. Bridges can be either permanent or removable, depending on your particular situation, and bridges can even span more than one missing tooth if required.

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Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge?

If you already are missing a tooth, you know how much that can make eating and speaking more challenging, not to mention the impact on your smile and confidence. Teeth really do need to work in concert to perform the mouth’s essential functions. Thankfully a dental bridge can snap all of those functions back to normal very quickly, bringing back your natural bite and toothy grin.


There’s an oral health benefit to bridging missing teeth, too. If one or more teeth are absent, that puts undue stress on the rest of the mouth and gums and can lead to a number of harmful issues, including jaw shrinkage, bone loss and periodontal disease. Bridges can also solve any speech problems you’ve been experiencing since tooth loss because the way we sound when we speak is affected greatly by our teeth!

How Is a Bridge Attached?

To install a bridge, Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Villaseñor will either attach a small dental crown to the adjacent natural teeth or directly bond to those teeth. If a crown is necessary, he will carefully remove a portion of the enamel on the appropriate side of the gap before replacing it with that crown. For permanent bridges, the replacement tooth and crowns are cemented together. With a removable bridge, also called a partial fixed denture, the artificial tooth is attached to the adjoining teeth with metal clasps.

Removable Dental Bridge
Fixed Dental Bridge

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Bridge?

It’s pretty simple, really. Taking care of dental bridges is the same as taking care of any of the rest of your teeth, with regular flossing and deliberate brushing. The health of the adjoining teeth, whether crowned or not, is crucial to maintaining the bridge’s stability.


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