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Dr. Villaseñor knows nothing is more important to any parent than a healthy child, and care extends beyond just the pediatrician’s office. A trip to the dentist in your baby’s first year can prevent permanent tooth decay, teach proper oral care habits and even fend off potential health issues outside the mouth.

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When Should I Bring My Child to the Dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends children visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth appearing, although that should be no later than the child’s first birthday. Your baby is born with a mouth full of partially formed teeth, and almost as quickly as they descend into the mouth they can begin to decay, if not properly treated. Those baby teeth will eventually fall out but any rot can mean a higher risk of decay in your child’s permanent teeth.


Even if a child’s teeth are healthy, preventative care is still critical, and learning how to take care of your child’s teeth from an early age can help fend off costly, more invasive procedures down the road. Dr. Villaseñor will walk you through how to correctly clean your child’s teeth and create a custom care plan for your child, based on his or her behavior. Habits like thumb and finger sucking, falling asleep with a bottle or drinking sugary drinks can become highly problematic if not addressed at an early age. The good news is we can talk to you about how to treat all those issues and more!

What to Expect on Your First Visit to Our Office

We believe in preventative care and oral health education above all else, so your child’s first visit to see Dr. Villaseñor will focus on creating a unique program for your little one. The exam itself is minimally invasive and we will keep you in the room right with your child throughout the very brief procedure. More importantly, our staff will get to know you and your child in a safe and friendly environment. We understand one of the most important aspects of our treatment is treating our patients and their families like the special, unique individuals they are.

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Common Pediatric Dentistry Symptoms & Treatments

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General Cleanings

Have questions about when you should start general checkups and cleanings for you kids? Give us a call and ask.

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Tooth Pain

Is your child suffering from tooth or mouth pain? Please give us a call with any questions on how to help!

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Chipped Tooth

If your child has recently chipped his tooth, please give us a call to help. We can give you some tips to help in the meantime.

Why Horizons Dental?

Dr. Villaseñor will care for your family the same way he cares for his own, many of whom now work alongside him at our office! In his more than 15 years as a practicing Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Villaseñor has treated countless children and teens. His commitment to spending extra time with each of his patients means your youngster will get the personal, custom care he or she deserves, and connect with our staff in a way that makes a visit to the dentist a whole lot less intimidating.

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