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Regular dental cleanings, the pillar of any healthy, happy and beautiful smile, are among the most vital services we provide. A cleaning appointment is more relaxing and enjoyable than ever, thanks to our unique amenities like high-definition movies and TV, and our hot, scented towels, blankets and pillows. Dr. Villaseñor is proud to be your local Walnut Creek family dentist.

Dr. Dale Villasenor DDS
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Preventative Care

What’s that old saying, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure? Well, that’s certainly true when it comes to your oral health. Nothing you can buy at the drugstore and no complex procedure is more important to maintaining a bright, healthy smile than regular visits to Horizons Dental combined with excellent at-home care.


Visiting a dentist for a thorough teeth cleaning every six months is proven to decrease the risk of gum disease, lower your chance of getting cavities and help prevent tooth loss. And if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it’s not too late! The sooner you come in to see us the greater the benefit you and your mouth will receive. Never let embarrassment keep you away from visiting us.

Dental/Teeth Cleanings & Exams

Your comfort and satisfaction are our primary concern, so while Dr. Villaseñor and his staff get busy making your teeth sparkle, catch up on your favorite TV shows or choose from our library of available movies to watch on a 32-inch LCD screen while we work. We also offer memory foam pillows and a warm towel to help you melt away.


After the cleaning, Dr. Villaseñor will sit down with you and together you’ll come up with a custom treatment plan for your teeth. You’ll get to see exactly what we saw on your x-ray and intraoral camera because we believe an informed patient is a happy patient.

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Dental Fillings

Swollen Gums

Gum Disease Treatment

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays & Onlays

Low Radiation x-rays

Digital, low-radiation, x-rays are the future, and that’s why we’re proud to offer them at our office in Walnut Creek. This safe technology lets us get the same up-close look at the inside of your mouth and teeth with significantly less radiation than the traditional style.


Plus, digital x-rays actually allow us to see more than the traditional x-rays, and they produce images instantly. We can then go over each image we take with you as soon as the x-ray is finished. With our x-rays Dr. Villaseñor is able to make a more accurate diagnosis, you to have a better understanding of your treatment plan and greater peace of mind for everyone.

Fluoride Treatment

Naturally-occurring fluoride strengthens teeth by enhancing the tooth’s mineral structure, making them tougher and more resistant to the ravages of decay. It can even counteract tiny cavities as they start to form. At Horizons Dental, we offer fluoride treatments with our cleanings for children and adults.

Why Horizons Dental?

Dr. Villaseñor will care for your family the same way he cares for his own, many of whom now work alongside him at our office! In his more than 15 years as a practicing general dentist, Dr. Villaseñor has treated countless families. His commitment to spending extra time with each of his patients means you will get the personal, custom care you and your family deserve. Connect with our staff in a way that makes a visit to the dentist a whole lot less intimidating.

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