Tooth Extractions in Walnut Creek

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, a tooth may need to be removed. If that happens there’s no need to worry. The personal care and attention you’ll receive at Horizons Dental makes taking out a tooth as painless as possible.

Dr. Dale Villasenor DDS
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When Does a Tooth Need to be Removed?

There are quite a few reasons Dr. Villaseñor may recommend removing a tooth. They may include:

  • A tooth is severely decayed, especially if the decay reaches the tooth’s inner pulp, which would have you in immense pain

  • Gum disease surrounding the tooth is making it unstable, or the periodontal disease is so severe that teeth need to be extracted to treat the disease properly

  • A tooth is broken in such a way that it cannot be repaired

  • A tooth is poorly positioned in the mouth and may be putting undue pressure on other teeth. These include teeth that are impacted (have not broken through the gum line)

  • A tooth needs to be removed in preparation for an orthodontic treatment

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Because your comfort is our foremost concern, before we remove any tooth the area surrounding it will be numbed, including the jawbone, gums and tooth itself. You will feel the pressure of Dr. Villaseñor working during the extraction, but you won’t feel any pain. The pressure is from the tooth being rocked back-and-forth, widening the socket, and once that happens the tooth is taken out. If you are in need of having a tooth pulled in Walnut Creek, CA, give our office a call today.

What Happens After a Tooth Extraction?

For about 30 minutes or so after an extraction, you’ll need to bite on a piece of gauze to get a clot to form. After that occurs you will need to be careful not to disturb the clot, so you don’t drink out of a straw, smoke or brush near the point of the extraction. Within 72 hours you should be safe to resume normal activity, and if at any point you have any questions about your recovery don’t hesitate to call us at (925) 945-7977.


It’s important not to leave an open space in your mouth after a tooth is removed. That may not be the case if a tooth was impacted or an orthodontic procedure is scheduled, but in most other scenarios leaving a space in your mouth can be harmful to your oral health. Dr. Villaseñor will talk with you about tooth replacement options, including a dental implant, dental bridge or dentures.

Extracted Tooth Care

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