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Our Walnut Creek office is at the forefront of advanced dental technology. Dr. Dale consistently submerses himself in continuing education courses and stays current on the latest in technology so that he can provide the best for his patients. We implement a low radiation portable x-ray and scanner for no mess digital impressions.

Dr. Dale Viallsenor DDS
iTero intraoral camera

Intraoral Scanner

A new addition to our office, the iTero Element intraoral scanner allows Dr. Dale to take a digital impression of your mouth without the traditional goopy mess. The iTero Element’s sophisticated technology digitally scans your teeth and mouth and feeds an image back to a screen in real time for Dr. Dale to view. This digital impression takes the place of you having to bite down into a wet mold that no one enjoys. The main patient benefits include but are not limited to:


  • Improved accuracy and precision of fit

  • No messy impressions

  • Time savings

  • Quicker treatment turnaround time

iTero Element Intraoral Scanner

iTero Scanning Mouth
iTero Element Intraoral Scanner™ In-Office Mill - Same Day Restorations

Same visit smile restorations are made possible with our in-office milling unit. Instead of multiple visits needed into the dental office, our patients can relax in our office while we plan, place, and restore their restoration all in one visit. This means less time in the dental office and more time spent doing what you want. Same visit smile restorations are also covered by most insurance policies. Save time, money, and hassle with one-visit dentistry!

Same Day Dental Crowns fastmill Milling unit
SoproLIFE Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

By using the SoproLIFE intraoral camera we are able to enhance our examination capabilities by seeing details in the mouth that are not visible to the naked eye. This camera allows for detection of decay in its earliest stages which then allows Dr. Dale to take a less invasive approach for your treatment. Additional patient benefits include:


  • Early detection of decay

  • Save time and money with less invasive treatment

  • Improved efficiency

  • Improved quality of treatment

  • No unnecessary radiation

Portable X-Ray – NOMAD Pro

This light weight portable intraoral x-ray allows our team to quickly move around your mouth to obtain your x-rays. With typical x-rays we need to leave the room, with the NOMAD Pro we can stay with you while you sit comfortably and we maneuver around your mouth. The x-rays can be taken quickly and efficiently this way. Children who don’t sit still well, elderly patients and patients with special needs benefit greatly from our portable x-ray.

child patient portable x-ray

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