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Nothing makes us happier than one of our patients bounding out of our office, smiling from ear-to-ear with a bright, glistening smile. If you’ve always wanted that, now is the time to stop by Horizons Dental and discover your teeth whitening options for a beautiful, sparkling white smile!

Dr. Dale Villasenor DDS
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Now Offering GLO Science Whitening

The team at Horizons Dental is proud to offer professional teeth whitening in Walnut Creek, utilizing the most innovative and effective teeth whitening treatment, GLO Science. Unlike other whitening treatments that cause sensitivity or require hours of time in the dental chair, GLO is simple, quick, painless, and highly efficient.

Horizons Dental patients can choose to receive in-office GLO treatments, use at-home GLO dental kits, or a combination of both. This cutting-edge whitening treatment has helped countless patients brighten their teeth up to 12 shades whiter in less than one hour!

What is GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening?

GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening is exclusively available through GLO partner dental practices like Horizons Dental. You deserve the brightest and most beautiful smile possible, which is exactly why you shouldn’t settle for store-bought whitening kits that only offer minor, temporary results.

The advanced GLO technology combines a 24% or 30% hydrogen peroxide gel with a warming LED light. This creates a stress-free, highly effective whitening experience.

Compared to other popular whitening systems, GLO offers numerous benefits:

  • No sensitivity
  • No messy trays
  • No expensive lab costs
  • Half the chair time
GLO Science In-Office Dentist Teeth Whitening

GLO In-office Treatments

You can take advantage of the latest innovation in teeth whitening by scheduling with our cosmetic dental office. Every in-office GLO treatment is carefully performed to ensure total comfort and optimal results.


Here’s what you can expect during a GLO treatment:

  • Patented vitamin E lip balm protects your lips
  • Application of soft gingival barrier protects your gum tissue from damage and sensitivity
  • A small amount of whitening gel applied to each tooth on the top and bottom
  • Warm GLO mouthpiece shines gentle LED light on all teeth for maximum whitening action

Depending on your whitening goals and dental health, you may undergo two, three, or four rounds of GLO whitening applications, which last eight minutes each. The dramatic whitening results are visible instantly!

GLO Take Home Kits

In addition to your GLO in-office chairside treatment, it’s important to also use a GLO take home kit. It includes the same professional teeth whitening device used in the office for GLO chairside whitening treatments.

Unlike drugstore whitening kits, the GLO home kit is available exclusively through your Walnut Creek dentist. Each kit includes:

  • Professional GLO Control and Mouthpiece
  • 10 Professional-strength Whitening Gel GLO Vials of 10% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Mouthpiece Case
  • USB Cable & Power Adapter
  • Premium Travel Case
  • User Manual

The GLO home kit makes it possible to stabilize and maintain the results you achieve during your chairside whitening treatment.

Book Your GLO Whitening Treatment Today

Here at Horizons Dental, it is Dr. Dale’s mission to help his patients achieve their brightest, healthiest, happiest smiles. GLO Science Professional Whitening makes it quicker and easier than ever before to remove unsightly stains and restore your smile’s vibrancy.

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